A monthly newsletter is available for parents, teachers and finance professionals. The newsletter aim is to provide news, research, readings, hints, provocations and some humour, that we hope will help guide students toward greater financially capability in the future.

Teachers may incorporate the research, information, news and updates within the newsletter into the school's financial education program.

Newsletter Features

June 2017

  • Who is helping the next generation in your community?
  • Planning for Year 12 exit
  • Unlucky in the lucky country
  • Five steps for cr insurance
  • Young Australians turning to shares because of housing unaffordability
  • Is giving pocket meony too young a bad idea
  • Parents and money talk
  • Sample year 8 program overview
  • Successful school-business relationships
  • Chorescout
  • A currency called "royals"
  • Cyberbullying
  • Unpaid internships
  • Young entrepreneur
  • FINSA - Finding harmoney with community expectations
  • FPA - Probono program with Cancer Council

May 2017

  • New Partner: Australian Boarding Schools Association
  • PISA Report: Financial Literacy
  • Feature article: Beware following the herd
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Time to teach taxation
  • Parents and money talk
  • Sample Year 9 program
  • Successful school-business relationships
  • Research: Adolescent gambling
  • We developed the world's first plastic bank note
  • Holidays in the snow
  • Podcasts: Financial learning
  • How to integrate financial services into life
  • FPA launches new campaign


April 2017

  • Congratulations Clairvaux MacKillop College
  • Teenfinca Issue 1, 2017 NOW AVAILABLE
  • Posters will stimulate conversations
  • From financial literacy to capability
  • Parents: Video resources
  • Sample Year 10 Program
  • Successful school-business relationships
  • Research: ASIC
  • Tax information for parents, teachers and students
  • Holidays in the snow
  • Podcasts: Financial learning

March 2017

  • Parent's website: Congratulations Pine Rivers State High School P&C Association
  • Parent's Advistory Council
  • Gambling adverts
  • How to easily use our resources in your school
  • Broke sporting stars
  • Parents: Video resources
  • Sample Year 11 Program
  • Successful school-business relationships
  • Family peace foundation
  • Indigenous financial literacy
  • Where does the word tax come from?
  • Digital footprints
  • Bloomberg Radio
  • Economics: Where are the girls?
  • FPA - Future 2 Foundation

February 2017

  • Congratulations - The Cathedral School, Ryan Catholic College
  • Welcome Melbourne schools
  • New resources for schools - Accounting
  • Parent videos
  • Sample year level program: Year 12
  • Parents page
  • School Principals: Collaborative Planning
  • Community partners: Insurance
  • Tax Super Australia: Weird Taxes
  • Know Risk: Online crime and identify theft
  • News: Financial literacy and economic health

January 2017

  • Collective action is the way forward
  • New resources for schools
  • Sample year level programs
  • Parents page
  • Partners page
  • Resource: Wealth concepts and the common good
  • School profile
  • Weird taxes
  • Sometimes being a teenager isn't easy
  • STEM is the new frontier

November 2016

  • 2017 Preparations
  • Welcome CPA Australia
  • School Profile: Mercy College Mackay
  • Teenfinca e-posters
  • Deeloping countries: Financial life skills
  • School-community parnters

October 2016

  • Are your Year 12 students exiting school with their own kit bag of financial life skills?
  • Exposure to financial concepts
  • The importance of parent voice: Financial life skills are important
  • School Profile: Balmoral State High School Jason Jeffries (H&R Block)
  • An American high school student shares her views on financial education
  • Teaching: Melbourne Cup An opportunity to teach financial life skills
  • Developing countries: Financial life skills
  • School-community partners

September 2016

  • Thankyou to Adept Economics, Chartered Accountants Australia, ProBono Econos, QUT Accountancy Students Association, QUT Law Society, Vincents Chartered Accountants
  • Teenfinca Issue 2 soon to be distributed
  • School profile: Pine Rivers SHS and Bary Park SHS and partner Precision Wealth Management
  • 2017 Planning: Resource Pack for schools
  • Microbusiness for Teens
  • Living on the poverty line
  • Developing countries: Financial life skills
  • School-community partners
  • Sample Year 12 Financial life skill exit program

August 2016

  • Attitudes toward money money management
  • Developing entrepreneurs in high school
  • Videos: Youth debt
  • Peruse the sample video: Layne Beachley
  • Finals time: More gambling adverts on the way!
  • Developing countries: Financial life skills
  • Year 12 students: Financial life skill exist program
  • School Partner Profile: Lourdes Hill College

July 2016

  • Don't let students leave school without lessons about credit
  • The next step
  • New videos: Financial coaching
  • Persue the sample video
  • Research: Beyond the dollar of financial planning
  • Parents: Financial learning always starts at home
  • School Partner Profile: Mansfield State High School
  • Business and Victorian Government Schools
  • Teenfinca posters
  • Strange taxes from history
  • School-community partners
  • Year 12 Students: Financial life skill exist program

June 2016

  • The national priority of financial life skills
  • New video resources
  • Peruse the sample video
  • Research: Beyond the dollar of financial planning
  • In the news for parents
  • School-community partnerships
  • School Partner Profile: Emmaus College, Rockhampton
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Did you know about the ‘longevity tsunami’?
  • School-community partners
  • Year 12 Students: Financial life skill exit program

May 2016

  • Neuroscience and financial learning
  • In six months your senior students are in the real world!
  • In the news: Gambling apps continue to attract teens
  • ePosters are now available for download
  • Outstanding schools
  • School newsletter inserts
  • Teaching tax: Can reward programs be taxed?
  • Developing entrepreneurs

April 2016

  • Teenfinca student ezine now available
  • In the news: Gambling apps and financial literacy
  • In the news: MLC reveals next generation's wealth worries
  • Car insurance checklist
  • School newsletter inserts
  • Teaching tax: The deducatable cuppa
  • School career's day
  • In the news: Budget

March 2016

  • Partnering for school improvement
  • What's new? Sample life skills programs
  • What's new: Lessons from the web
  • Work studies
  • School newsletter inserts
  • Teaching tax: Tips and gratuities
  • Start a club
  • In the news: Aussie students prepared to prioritise their finances

February 2016

  • Library
  • School-business partnerships
  • What's new in 2016
  • School newsletter inserts
  • Book review
  • Schools with community partners
  • In the news: Where are the young entrepreneurs?
  • Is financial education important in schools?

January 2016

  • Welcome back
  • What's new in 2016
  • New videos
  • School newsletter inserts
  • Book review
  • School community sponsors
  • In the news: Money tips for young people

Newsletter: November 2015

  • Happy holidays
  • University support
  • Media release
  • Prepare for 2016
  • Teenfina Issue 2, 2015
  • Head burying regarding personal finance

Newsletter: October 2015

  • Domestic violence and financial stress
  • Special offer
  • What is in Teenfinca Issue 2, 2015
  • An American experience
  • Teaching resource: Buy now, pay forever
  • Economics - New resources
  • The changing way we pay
  • Budgeting and teens
  • Travel insurance
  • Financial services skills in demand

Newsletter: September 2015

  • Teachers: Prepare for 2016
  • Special offer
  • What is in Teenfinca Issue 2, 2015
  • P&C Committees: Helping your school
  • Thank you Chartered Accountants
  • Economics - New resources
  • Online video: Budgeting
  • Parents: The importance of financial literacy
  • Thinking about finance can start today
  • ANZIIF - Careers
  • Daughters in the worlplace bring flexibility, equality

Newsletter: August 2015

  • Welcome a new school
  • Research: How often should financial life skills be taught?
  • What is in Teenfinca Issue 2, 2015
  • What does it mean to put your financial interests first?
  • Parents, how do you want your child to learn financial life skills?
  • Parents, their teens and jobs
  • Online video: What is 'compound interest'?
  • Encourage youth to talk about superannuation
  • Does financial literacy education work?

Newsletter: July 2015

  • Conference - Research shared
  • Finding 1 - Prepared for adult life
  • Ex-student sponsors local high school
  • Why is a code of ethcs important
  • Developing children's understanding
  • Sports stars need financial knowledge
  • Online video: What is 'interest'?
  • Is your stuff protected Probably not.
  • CEO Survey
  • Financial life skills is an equity issue

Newsletter: June 2015

  • The teenage economy
  • Are teens interested in investment? Many are!
  • What is a financial license?
  • Welcome to Econteen!
  • It's tax time!
  • Online video: Five financial rules to live by! (Ted)
  • Car insurance and young drivers
  • Understanding financial services
  • A sombre reflection on financial literacy
  • Next issue: Research outcome

Newsletter: May 2015

  • "Clueless about money": International research
  • What to look for in a financial planner
  • Teen economists
  • Teens, technology tribes and money
  • Sample video 1: Young entrepreneurs
  • Sample video 1: Wealth does not mean having a lot of money
  • Financial services industry
  • What is a credit score?
  • Australians trust banks with their data
  • Activity book - Financial capability: Quick and Easy Activities

 Newsletter: April 2015

  • Helping children to understand financial safety
  • Could financial planning be the career for your students?
  • Teens talk more about economics, but no better informed?
  • Teens, travel and financial planning
  • Video feature 1: Young entrepreneurs; What is tax? Wealth does not mean having a lot of money
  • Apathy to action: The answer is education
  • How do your financial service providers support financial education?
  • Learning about banknotes
  • Work Studies Years 9–10 & Financial Education

Newsletter: March 2015

  • Parents: Research support
  • 2015 Intergenerational report
  • Why study economics?
  • How do teens learn about insurance?
  • Video: Financial education at school
  • Students and the finance industry
  • Do your students/children know the difference (banks)
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Activity book: Financial capability lessons from the web
Newsletter: Feb 2015
  • Support by partners
  • Support for parents
  • Research program
  • Students working while in school
  • Video resources overview
  • Economics - Dr Andrew Leigh
  • Student club



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