Financial Capability, Wellbeing
and Life Skills for Youth

Every parent wants their child to be successful!

Every young person wants to be successful!

We help youth to become successful by developing their financially capability and enhancing their future wellbeing!


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Youth Financial Futures

With the support of our corporate partners, The Wealth Academy is providing financial life skills and wellbeing resources free for all secondary schools, universities, families, youth organisations and financial services groups.



The life and career pathways of every teenager and young adult involves financial decision-making and choices


Our partners in financial capability and wellbeing


Australian Secondary Principal’s Association

An emerging aspect of ASPA’s commitment to our students is supporting their preparation for the increasingly complex financial world in which they will live.
We have committed to a new strategy with TWA, which we hope will help our school leaders to improve the future financial capability and wellbeing of the hundreds of thousands of students attending our schools each year.
We have a shared goal of having 100% of our aligned schools using the resources of TWA by 2022.
Andrew Pierpoint, President


Australian Boarding School’s Association

ABSA has partnered with TWA to develop and implement a long-term solution to help our boarders develop their financial wellbeing for the future.
TWA’s approach of supporting youth, parents and the broader community is unique and innovative. We believe in this approach. Future financial wellbeing
should be invested in. It should not be a matter of chance!
Richard Stokes, CEO


Australian Council of State School Organisations

The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) represents the interests of the families and communities of more than 2.53 million children attending government schools in Australia. The ACSSO Board welcomes The Wealth Academy’s efforts in developing resources that improve student financial capability and wellbeing and its intention to provide a wide variety of free resources for teachers and parents in our diverse community of schools.
ACSSO will continue to promote the work of TWA through the national e-newsletter, informing our network of TWA’s release of free resources and other information that can help our families.
Sharron Healy, President


Australian Shareholders’ Association

The Australian Shareholders’ Association is very pleased to support The Wealth Academy. We are impressed not only by its efforts to help secondary students but also its efforts to help parents and carers to guide the financial education of their children.
We believe today’s youth deserves the opportunity and has the right to leave school with a degree of financial capability. .... we are firmly of the view that Australians are best served by being exposed to financial education at school. This prepares them to participate in wealth generation as adults.
John Cowling, CEO


Financial Services Institute of Australasia

The financial services industry is well-aware of the need to improve the financial capability of Australians and the increasing complexity and challenges that will face young Australians. As such, we have been a partner of The Wealth Academy for over three years, helping in the development of resources and the garnering of expertise that can assist school communities to support the financial education of their youth.
Finsia endorses the initiatives of the Wealth Academy in bringing financial literacy to school students, helping them to become financially capable. We proudly join with other financial service partners in this collective effort.
Yasser El-Ansary, CEO and Managing Director


Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

ANZIIF is proud to partner with The Wealth Academy to increase financial literacy among Australian students.
Through our partnership, we aim to improve access to high quality insurance, risk management and finance resources in order to equip young Australians with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage risk and their finances.
Students, like never before, will have to deal with quite complex financial decisions very early on in their lives. The more we can support school communities to help students in their financial learning, the better it will be for those students and their future families.

Prue Wilsford, CEO

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