About us

The Wealth Academy is an education company focusing on the provision of youth-oriented financial life skill resources, which help better prepare them for life after school, university or vocational education.

These resources:

  • Are youth focused but are whole-of-community and life skills oriented
  • Are supported by many of Australia's major financial service associations and groups
  • May be used by community organisations to improve the financial life skills of the broader community
  • May be used by financial service providers to support their client ecosystem
  • Are developed in response to community feedback
  • Address issues within our society
  • Are non-technical, ensuring improved youth readability
  • Can be used by teachers, lecturers or facilitators within their existing program
  • Help parents and carers to guide the financial education of their children
  • Connect the business community with education systems, as financial life skill partners

The Wealth Academy presents an aspirational, growth mindset approach to the benefits of financial life skills education. We are not a charity that positions financial education only for low socio-economic communities, and we don’t present a counselling or deficit model.

We believe all youth deserve a financial life skills education regardless of socio-economic background, subject choices at school and career path choices post school.

TWA implements a collective impact strategy i.e. many organisations and groups working together (collectively) for a common cause.

Our strategy, methodology and resource development is based on academic, evidence-based research.

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Ken Swan

Founder and Director

  • Individual member of the International Confederation of Principals
  • 30 years as an educator and school leader
  • Curriculum development expert
  • University course developer, tutor

Chair: David Byers

Chief Executive Officer: CO2CRC Limited

Previous Roles:

  • Interim CEO/Deputy CEO: Minerals Council of Australia
  • Vice President Public Policy & Government Relations: BHP Billiton
  • Chief Executive Officer: Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)
  • Chief Executive Officer: CEDA - Committee for Economic Development of Australia

David is a Senior Executive and Board Director (GAICD) with over thirty years of senior leadership experience across the commercial and not for profit sectors.

Will Davis

Chief Executive Officer: Beenleigh Housing and Development Corporation

Will Davis is an Aboriginal man from the Cobble Cobble people of Queensland, a Murri. Will is a teacher, community worker, University lecturer and tutor, curriculum writer and expert on Indigenous education and most recently as a chief executive officer.

Dr Laura de Zwaan

Lecturer, Griffith Business School

Laura is a lecturer and researcher in Finance and Financial Planning at Griffith University in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics. She completed her PhD at Griffith University in 2013 in the area of superannuation and ESG investing. Laura’s research interests encompass most areas of superannuation, including fund investment policies, member decision-making, gender issues, taxation, and fund governance. In addition, she has a strong interest in financial literacy and capability, as well as personal finance. She is a member of the Financial Planning Academic Forum and an affiliate member of the Financial Planning Association.

Research expertise:

  • Superannuation policy
  • Equity in retirement savings policy
  • ESG Investing through superannuation
  • Financial literacy and capability
  • Personal finance

Brett Molloy

Deputy Principal at Craigslea State High School

Brett Molloy has 31 years of experience as an educator in Queensland. He has a rich background encompassing positions as teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Principal, Lecturer in Education, Assessment Manager for the Queensland Studies Authority, Director of Curriculum for Qld Department of Education, Principal Consultant for Qld Education Leadership Institute, School Improvement Officer for South East Regional Officer and Principal Advisor for Regional Office

Brett has a passion for curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and has delivered professional development to teachers and principals across the state, nationally and internationally.  Most importantly, Brett has a passion and commitment to youth financial education.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does TWA support schools and universities?

TWA does this in multiple ways. Firstly, we see the school as a community consisting of students and their families, teachers and non-teaching staff, school partners and community representatives. Our resources can be shared freely across that community of people. Most of these resources are free to download and use as and where needed.

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