ken swanKen Swan: Director

Ken has over 30 years education experience. During this time Ken has been a teacher, education adviser, university course developer and lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology, curriculum developer at the Queensland School Curriculum Council and Queensland Studies Authority, and a school principal. 

His interest in effective financial lifeskills education stems from the lack of such education being provided to his own children through their schooling. A thorough investigation of the marketplace revealed no proactive education-based provider helping teachers and parents who want to develop the financial literacy of students and children.  

Ken believes young people want to learn about wealth, parents and employers want their children and young employees to learn to be financially capable and many providers in the financial service industry want to provide a more comprehensive service to their valuable clients.  

Ken is owner of The Wealth Academy, publisher of Teenfinca. Ken is an individual member of the International Confederation of Principals. The Wealth Academy was a member of ASIC's Consumer and financial literacy experts panel (2011-2015).

Masters in Business Administration (Exec.)
Bachelor of Education
Diploma in Teaching
Gradulate Diploma in Teaching (Computer Studies)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of experienced experts from a range of fields.

Chair: David Byers


Kirsten Ferdinands

Bill Gamack

Improving Schools Australia

The Wealth Academy has secured the services of Improving School Australia who will be supporting our growth in coming years.

ISA Idea 8 1Improving Schools Australia was formed to support schools in their school improvement journey. Improving Schools Australia has the human resources, the expertise, and the time to assist school leaders to improve outcomes for students in any direction, in any area.

The ultimate goal of school improvement is to improve outcomes for students, including levels of achievement and wellbeing. However, because the context of each school is different, every school faces a challenge. Improving Schools Australia can help scholls to meet that cheallenge.

Improving Schools Australia has the expertise and sector experience to support schools as they partner with those community organisations and businesses who wish to improve the financial life skills of students in their local communities.

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