One of the concerns that led to the establishment of The Wealth Academy is that many in the population believe that when anyone wants to speak to you about anything to do with financial literacy or financial products and services, there will be a sales pitch soon after. It is one of the perceptions that in recent years the financial advisory industry has worked extensively to change. The fear of a scam is never far away when anyone in the public talks money.

".... we have arrived at a point where trust and confidence in the financial services industry in the UK [and elsewhere] has been eroded to a significant degree."
Ron Sandler, Chairman of the United Kingdom’s not-for-profit agency pfeg

"If we are taught to be street-smart early in life, we carry it with us through life, hopefully making good decisions and staying one step ahead of the fraudsters.''
Bill Moss, Maquarie Bank

"The Australian Securities and Investments Commission says that in the past three years, more than 7000 Australians have lost at least $500 million to financial scams." 

The Wealth Academy does not sell financial products. We have no qualification or license to sell such products and we do not give individuals any advice on their own personal financial situation. We are an education company.

No financial institution or group has any ownership of The Wealth Academy.


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