Schools have several options regarding the funding of the School-Community Financial Life Skills Resource Library.

Local community business sponsor

Financial education is a a community need and should be considered a community responsibility.

Many businesses that have a financial literacy aspect e.g. accountants, advisers, brokers, realtors, etc will have a strong interest in sponsoring the program into the school.

This is especially so if past students, or parents of existing students, work in these professions.

There must be a minimum of two businesses supporting a school. Businesses are expected to make at least an initial commitment of two years to the school community.

Fee (+GST)

  • 1 business $2,000/year (Three separate businesses each pay $2000.)
  • 2 business consortia $3,600 ($1,800 each)
  • 3 business consortia $4,200 ($1,400 each)

(See the sponsor information.)

Parents and citizens committee

The school Parents and Citizens' (Friends') Committee will have a strong interest in supporting this program. (Most of their children will not receive an in-depth financial life skill program within the school.) This program provides a wide variety of financial life skill resources that gives the school community this opportunity.

Fee (+GST)

  • P&C fee $1,500/year

School self-fund

Schools may wish to self-fund or partly self-fund.

The fee for schools is $1,500/year.

Schools may consider:

  • prompting student students to develop a business plan to fundraise for the program
  • share the purchase cost with P&C, and a fundraising initiative.

Also consider contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Zonta or Rotary organisation.


THE WEALTH ACADEMY: We support those who value financial education