There are two alternative methods.

1. If you are familiar with the school and have an existing connection, contact the school principal directly and express your interest in being a sponsor of The Wealth Academy's School-Community Financial Life Skills Resource Pack. (If the principal is unaware of this initiative, then direct him/her to The Wealth Academy web site for further information, and suggest sending an email to The Wealth Academy.

If the principal agrees or would like further information, both the school and the ‘partner’ should complete their respective online subscription forms on The Wealth Academy web site.

2. Alternatively, complete the online form ‘Register your business interest’ on The Wealth Academy website. 

Once partners are confirmed, The Wealth Academy will send a Service Agreement to the partner/s. This will include a payment schedule to The Wealth Academy and a set of expectations.

When finalised, schools and sponsors will receive resources as outlined in the pack and service agreement.

THE WEALTH ACADEMY: We support those who value financial education