School-Community Partnerships Planning Tool

February, 2019

The need for school partnerships has never been greater.

This planning tool is aligned to three major documents that inform the establishment of school-community relationships and partnerships in Australian schools. They are:

  • The Guiding Principles for School-Business Relationships
  • The National School Improvement Tool
  • ASPA’s Strategic Policy: Putting it all together (Key Partnerships)
  • Australian Professional Standards for Principals: Widening Participation

Guiding Principles for School-Business Relationships

These Guiding Principles for School-Business Relationships are relevant for informal school-business relationships through to complex partnerships with formal governance arrangements, detailed documentation and long-term projects. The principles were developed through a comprehensive consultation process around Australia with schools, businesses, education departments, industry bodies, parent bodies and broker organisations.
The principles have been endorsed by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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Australian Secondary Principals Association

The education of Australia’s adolescents is not only the responsibility of school principals, it is the responsibility of the entire community. The community must understand the emerging and changing nature of schooling and the work of principals. Australian education does not exist in a void, we must build partnerships into the global community.

(Strategic Policy – Putting it all together)

Australian Professional Standard for Principals

Professional Practice: Engaging and working the community
[Principals] build partnerships with the local community and external stakeholders so they are aware of the vision and values of the school and can contribute to its success.
Principals draw on expertise from other organisations to enhance and enrich the learning experience for students and their families
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National School Improvement Tool

School-community partnerships
The school actively seeks ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with parents and families, other education and training institutions, local businesses.... All partners are committed to the common purposes and goals of partnership activities. Procedures are in place to ensure effective communications and to monitor and evaluate the intended impacts of the school’s partnerships.

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2019 Planning Tool coverTWA_Partnership_Planning_Tool_2019.docx The Wealth Academy's School-Community Partnerships Planning Tool has been updated.

We encourage you to adjust and adapt the tool to match the particular needs of those forming the partnership.






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