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The Australian Boarding Schools Association is proud to announce our partnership with The Wealth Academy. The need to develop the financial life skills of students in boarding schools is important. As boarders live away from home, and without the daily guidance of parents, there is potential for students to develop attitudes and behaviours with regard financial decision-making, that will not serve them well in the future. All boarders regardless of background, deserve the right to build their financial capability in a safe, structured and supported environment. The need for financial education is increasingly important as it can counter-balance the constant messaging boarders will read and see relating to gambling, spending, live for now - pay later advertising. This is an exciting partnership that will bring about positive change for members, their staff and most importantly boarders. We encourage our members to get involved.
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Financial Services


Finsia is the leading organisation for Australasia’s financial services industry, connecting its members with career services, resources and professional networks to build their professional capabilities and to strengthen the industry. Finsia provides new university graduates with skills to assist their entry to the financial services industry through the Finsia Career Connect program. Experienced Finsia members contribute their time and expertise through the Finsia Mentoring Program for early to mid-career professionals. Finsia endorses the initiatives of the Wealth Academy in bringing financial literacy to school students, helping them to become financially capable.
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CPA Australia
CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, with more than 155,000 members across 118 countries. Our core services to members include education, training, knowledge exchange, technical support, networking and advocacy. We actively embark on major initiatives to proactively lead and influence the direction of meaningful reform in Australia and overseas. Our emphasis on encouraging strong leadership across governments, regulators, businesses and education is shown by our actions and reflected in our membership demographics. Collectively, around 17 per cent of our members now hold senior leadership roles, including more than 25,000 members at CEO or CFO level, or in business ownership roles.
Our sphere of operations has grown to cover 22 staffed offices in all states and territories of Australia as well as China (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and Vietnam.

CPA Australia is pleased to support The Wealth Academy in its efforts to help Australia's school and tertiary students to improve their financial life skills.
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The Australian Shareholders’ Association

The Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) stands up for shareholders’ rights; gives a strong voice to their vote; builds their investment knowledge; and connects investors with other individual investors. We are Australia’s largest, independent, not-for-profit shareholder association. We do not receive any state or federal government funding — we are funded by members. Importantly, we are the only organisation that advocates for the small individual shareholder. We have been keeping the market fair for the everyday, independent investor since 1960.
As a provider of investment education as part of improving Australians’ financial literacy, the ASA is very pleased to support The Wealth Academy. We fully support its efforts to assist Australia's school and tertiary students to improve their financial skills and knowledge.
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Taxpayers Australia
Taxpayers Australia has been providing tax knowledge to Australians for over 95 years and we’re now proud to join forces with The Wealth Academy to build financial literacy amongst students across the country. Those entering the workforce are often the least equipped to understand even the basics of our tax and superannuation systems. Taxpayers Australia has that knowledge and we look forward to empowering a new generation of students to leave education with a broad understanding of how the tax and super systems work, and how tax and super can ultimately work for them. Through written materials and video content, we’ll provide schools which are part of the Wealth Academy program with all they need to help their students understand how to get a TFN, how their tax will be deducted and what it will be used for, how to join a super fund, what they will get from their super fund and when. All this and much more. It’s essential that financial literacy is a core component of every child’s education. This kind of vital life skill helps prepare all students for business and for the workforce and Taxpayers Australia will be working together with The Wealth Academy to help provide those skills.
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The Financial Services Accountants Association is the peak industry body for those involved in the insurance related financial services industry, particularly professionals from the fields of accounting, finance, regulation and taxation. We serve the needs of over 700 professionals in Australasia, providing education and networking activities and opportunities for the ongoing professional development of members. The FSAA acknowledges the challenges faced by school educators in supporting the financial life skill development of students. In today’s society, it is a challenging and complex task. As an association that values education, we look forward to working alongside The Wealth Academy in providing quality information and resources to the benefit of Australian school communities, and specifically the financial life skill needs of students.
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Financial Services Council
The Wealth Academy has recognised that improving the financial literacy of young Australians is a high priority for educators, parents and the financial services industry. Its program helps students build the skills and knowledge needed to manage everyday finances and for making informed financial choices. The Financial Services Council is pleased to support The Wealth Academy’s efforts to improve the long-term financial well-being of Australians.
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Financial Planning Association
The Financial Planning Association (FPA) represents Australia’s largest community of financial planners who work to the very highest professional standards and ethics.  We also represent the interests of the public by ensuring that our members provide them with top quality financial advice.

We have over 10,000 members. More than 7,500 are practising financial planners and over 5,500 of those are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals – the global symbol of excellence in financial planning.

All our practitioner members are bound by a Code of Professional Practice that demands higher professional standards than those required by law, and they must meet continuing professional development requirements.

The FPA’s main mission is to raise the professional standards of financial planning in Australia, so that consumers are protected from unethical practices and their best interests are safeguarded. 

Through our members, we stand with Australians for a better financial future.

The FPA has five key roles to play:

1. Represent interests of the public
2. Represent interests of members
3. Foster high professional standards
4. Facilitate world class education.
5. Provide professional development

The FPA highly values financial education for all Australians and we are looking forward to working with The Wealth Academy and supporting their School Community Financial Life Skills program.
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The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) is the leading membership, education, training and professional development organisation for the insurance and finance industry in the Asia-Pacific region. ANZIIF partners with business, government and non-profit organisations to provide a range of services that support professional excellence to enhance the standards, reputation and success of the industry and improve community understanding of insurance and finance. Established in 1884, ANZIIF works with members in 50 countries and has headquarters in Australia, New Zealand and China. ANZIIF is proud to partner with The Wealth Academy to increase financial literacy among Australian students. Through our partnership, we aim to improve access to high quality insurance, risk management and finance resources in order to equip young Australians with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage risk and their finances.
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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Around the world there are over 2.5 million qualified accountants including chartered, certified, management, practicing, professional and technicians. Each have completed various professional accountancy qualifications, and have different knowledge, skills and experience to suit their specific field. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand brings together 100,000 highly trained professionals across the Trans-Tasman. Chartered Accountants are renowned for their strategic thinking and insightful grasp of business, a reputation we are committed to upholding by providing rigorous training, to offer the world the sharpest minds in business and finance.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand looks forward to supporting The Wealth Academy in its efforts to improve the financial life skills of young Australians.
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Teacher Associations


Business Educators' Association of Queensland
The Business Educators' Association of Queensland is committed to promoting business education in Queensland school communities. Financial literacy education is core to our learning area and as such is a high-priority for all business educators. Our association appreciates the efforts of the business community in helping us to effectively address this priority. We thank The Wealth Academy for this support and look forward to working with them in the future. We mean business when it comes to financial literacy education!
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Parent Associations

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Parents and Citizens' Association of Queensland 
P&Cs Qld is the peak parent body which represents the interests of state school parents and citizens associations throughout Queensland. It has a history of more than 60 years and a membership of almost 1300 P&C associations. P&Cs Qld is pleased to support The Wealth Academy’s School Community Financial Life Skills Program and we look forward to sharing the benefits of financial education with our members.

THE WEALTH ACADEMY: We support those who value financial education