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All parents and carers want the best for their children.

This web page provides information for parents that may assist them to support the financial life skills education of their own teenage children.

Our aim is to build an ever-growing library of resources that will help you to guide the financial education of your children, specifically teenagers. These resources will include articles, videos, podcasts, links to international web sites, posters for teenage bedrooms and more.

The parent login username and password is available from the school P&C executive or the school administration from mid-February. All of the parents’ resources are available after login.
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  • Parents appreciate schools who work with their communities to improve financial learning opportunities for their children
  • Parents know new thinking is needed to help teens to develop their financial life skills
  • Parents want their children to be prepared for their financial future
  • Parents know that every child will have a financial future regardless of their career choice
  • Parents know the financial world is increasingly complex and stressful
  • Parents and community partners with financial skills are a resource that can make a difference
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The parent resource library is available through a login process specific to each school. Parents from schools that are subscribed to our financial life skill resource pack receive free access to these resources. The Secretary of the school's P&C, P&F or School Council will have been provided with the login details during February 2017.

All parents from subscribed schools should have full access by March 2017.

Contact The Wealth Academy if you need access support.


Teenfinca® is an acronym for Teenage Financial Capability.

The student ezine is freely available through your school. If you have not received a recent copy please contact your school. All articles in this ezine relate in some way to the existing or future financial decision-making of teenagers and young adults. It is supported by many of Australia’s major financial service organisations and associations.

We have found that parents also find this ezine useful to generate financial life skill conversations at home.

2015, Issue 1

TWA Teenfinca Issue 1 2015 Page 01

2015, Issue 2

Teenfinca issue 2 2015 cover

2016, Issue 1

2016 Teenfinca Cover Issue 1

2016, Issue 2

Teenfinca Issue 2 2016 Cover

Articles for Parents

New articles are provided regularly. The following articles are ready for download after login.

Wealth Health Article Page 1

The value of understanding the wealth-health relationship

The wealth-health relationship is obvious, yet it is not formally recognised in any school-based curriculum, or on any financial education service or financial information program. It should be, because it underpins all effective financial decision-making.
In the absence of formal education programs, parents and caregivers must take up this responsibility.

Time for Learning article

Holidays, a time for learning financial life skills

Any holiday is an important time for children to learn about the value of money.
At this time, the parent influence is greatest because children are home with their parents for an extended period of time.
Do parents realise the potential impact of what they are saying and what they are demonstrating when it comes to the use of money?

Cover Neuro article

The neuroscience of financial learning

New research in neuroscience, and especially neuroplasticity, offers parents, educators and financial service professionals new ideas in supporting the financial education of children, teenagers, students and clients. This article provides a brief introduction to some neuroscience findings that may interest those who value financial education.

Contributions welcomed: If you would like to contribute an article please contact The Wealth Academy.

Online blogs and articles

The Wealth Academy helps parents by finding blogs and articles that they may find useful when supporting their own children's financial learning.

(The Wealth Academy does not endorse the perspectives and content within these articles, but rather provides them as a resource for further thought and consideration.)


The Role of Parents in Financial Education (by Lewis Humphries Investopedia)

As the global economic recovery continues to lose momentum, the issue of financial literacy is becoming increasingly prevalent. This has already prompted political leaders in the United Kingdom and Australia to propose mandatory financial education for students, while the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in the United States has made numerous recommendations concerning the advancement of fiscal literacy within independent states. Providing a comprehensive financial education to youngsters represents a significant responsibility; however, it is a duty that cannot be carried by schools and local authorities alone.

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During the year, we will provide video content that will help parents have conversations with their children about:

  • their financial life skills and personal money management
  • careers in financial services
  • working casually during high school
  • everyday financial matters for teenagers e.g. saving, budgeting, taxation, superannuation, banking etc.

We change the videos each term. These three videos are now available for parents to discuss with their teenagers.

Teenagers working, while in school

Parent Students working

What is tax?

Parent What is Tax

A career in financial planning

Parents Career FP Sean


Would you like to place financial life skill posters in your work place? Employees and clients may both benefit from these financial life skill reminders. We will place new posters here for your free download. You may print them for your own office space. You may also like to share the electronic copies with your clients.

266 TWA TeenfincaPosters
325 TWA Posters Issue2 2015
2016 Issue 1 Posters Save Sm


The following links are to sites, which provide information to help parents to help their children with their financial life skills education. Here are a few samples.


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