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The information provided on this web page is for those businesses, organisations and associations who are supporting local schools, vocational education providers and universities with the financial life skills education of their students.

As a partner of The Wealth Academy you may use these resources to support the financial life skills education of teenagers and young adults associated with your own venture activities.

Our aim to provide you with a library of resources that will include:

  • information that can help you to better support the development of financial life skills in your community
  • articles to share with clients
  • inserts for your own newsletter communication
  • videos with accompanying PowerPoint presentations that you may wish to share with clients in your own education program.

If you are an existing school partner you will be sent the login username and password in early February. If you would like to be a school partner then contact The Wealth Academy.

  • Partners have expertise and experience which they can share
  • Partners can help provide career advice
  • Partners can clarify understanding about financial concepts
  • Partners can help teachers by adding depth to the financial life skills program
  • Partners can assist with cultural alignment
  • Partnerships improve schools
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The following links explain the benefits of school-business partnerships.

Final report – The benefits of school-business relationships Link

Partnerships between schools, businesses and communities: reports and research Link


Articles to share with clients

The Wealth Academy articles are available for you to share with your clients.
New articles are provided each term. The following articles are ready for download.

Wealth Health Article Page 1

The value of understanding the wealth-health relationship

The wealth-health relationship is obvious, yet it is not formally recognised in any school-based curriculum, or on any financial education service or financial information program. It should be, because it underpins all effective financial decision-making.
In the absence of formal education programs, parents and caregivers must take up this responsibility.

Time for Learning article

Holidays, a time for learning financial life skills

Any holiday is an important time for children to learn about the value of money.
At this time, the parent influence is greatest because children are home with their parents for an extended period of time.
Do parents realise the potential impact of what they are saying and what they are demonstrating when it comes to the use of money?

Cover Neuro article

The neuroscience of financial learning

New research in neuroscience, and especially neuroplasticity, offers parents, educators and financial service professionals new ideas in supporting the financial education of children, teenagers, students and clients. This article provides a brief introduction to some neuroscience findings that may interest those who value financial education.


Contributions welcomed: If you would like to contribute an article please contact The Wealth Academy.

Online blogs and articles

The Wealth Academy helps community partners by finding information they may find useful when supporting schools and other community groups with financial life skills, as well as other activities.

(The Wealth Academy does not necessarily endorse the perspectives and content provided, but rather provides them as a resource for further thought and consideration.)

Here is one sample.

Partnerships for schools, businesses and communities (Australian Government | Department of Education and Training)

Educating our young people is the responsibility of the entire community, not just schools. Schools, businesses and communities form partnerships because they wish to improve outcomes for young people, and recognise that by working together, they can often achieve outcomes that would not be possible from working alone.
Partnerships can take many forms. Some are focused on students, for example supporting them with reading, or helping them prepare for the world of work, or providing a relationship with a business mentor. Others focus on broader areas, for example supporting school leadership and teacher development.
Partnerships can improve staff morale and the use of resources within schools, leading to better education outcomes for young people. Business can also experience improved staff morale, better awareness of their industry, and community recognition. Partnerships help communities to work together to solve local problems.

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Newsletter content

Do you have an online newsletter or Facebook page in which you distribute content to your clients? If so, you may wish to access The Wealth Academy’s financial life skills newsletter content. If you do so, please acknowledge its source. This content is available after login.


Would you like to place financial life skill posters in your work place? Employees and clients may both benefit from these financial life skill reminders. We will place new posters here for your free download. You may print them for your own office space. You may also like to share the electronic copies with your clients.

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