The largest losses [of clients] are attributable to wealth passing on to children of existing clients as well as transfers to charitable foundations. Knowing this, an advisor [accountant] must have at its disposal the skills, tools, techniques and strategies to develop a long-lasting relationship with not only the patriarch and matriarch of a family but also their heirs and spouses... Respondents told us that creating loyalty across multiple generations of clients can significantly cut asset attrition.


US Trust

Only 34 percent of parents strongly agree and 17 percent of parents disagree that their child/children will be able to handle family money. 84 percent of parents agree their children would benefit from discussions or lessons given by a financial professionals, of whom approximately one-third strongly agrees.


Ian Prior, US Trust

If you are looking for the core strength of an institution such as U.S. Trust, this is surely it: client relationships that span many generations, and a capacity to help each of those generations grasp the implications of wealth. That’s Financial Education 101 — and then some.

charles-schwab2011 Teens & Money Survey, Charles Schwab & Co

86% of teenagers say they would rather learn about money management in a class before making mistakes in the real world. 75% of teenagers say that learning more about money management incusing budgeting, saving and investing, is one of their top priorities. 54% of teens want to know how income tax works.


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