Teenfinca-cover-190pxTeenfinca® student ezine

  • Teenfinca® (Teenage financial capability: an ezine for teenagers)
  • Every student can receive electronically or print copies and place in your school library and /or business, economics and mathematics classrooms
  • Use them over and over again
  • Includes articles from professional associations specifically for teenagers
  • Supported by lesson ideas
  • Sponsor/s name placed on each school’s ezine

212 TWA CorrectPopular A3-190pxePosters related to financial education

  • ePosters never wear out, never get lost. Use them over and over again
  • Generic: 12+ eposters related to articles within the three Teenfinca® ezines
  • New eposters developed each year
  • Connected to teacher lesson ideas (Teenfinca®)


Video-cluster-190px40+ videos and video slideshows

  • Introduce financial concepts, attitudes and behaviours
  • Explore careers in financial service industry
  • Linked to teacher lessons and modules
  • 2-5 minute length
  • Video library will grow throughout the year and over coming years
  • Video series includes:
  • Attitudes to financial learning
    - Debates
    - In the media
    - Teen voice
    - Wealth perspectives and concepts
    - Investment concepts
    - Life after school: The real world
    - Learning financial concepts
    - ANZIIF, FSC, FINSIA, FPA, Tax, Super

TWA Videos

TWA Attitude Success Thumb 2

Association videos (eg. FPA)

ANZIIF Theft Thumbnail

Interest group videos

Taxpayers Australia Thumb


TWA Modules sample-190pxTeacher modules

  • Aligned to video/slideshows
  • Linked to Australian Curriculum
  • Includes multiple lesson ideas
  • Teachers choose to use lessons singularly or as a short program
  • Useful in pastoral care, business education, economics education and work studies programs



243 TWA 2015 Work Studies Cover-190pxActivity Book: Work Studies Years 9-10 & Financial Education

Aligned to Australian Curriculum: Work Studies


  • ‘Work studies and financial education 2015’ provides educators with simple lesson ideas that can introduce students in Years 9 and 10 (and later) to work studies in a financial services context.
  • There are six lessons, each with three activities.
  • Each lesson corresponds with one of the sub-concepts of the two strands — Skills for learning and work and Career and life design and work.

243 TWA 2015 QuickEasy Cover-190pxActivity Book: Financial Capability Quick & Easy Activities - 2015

  • Teachers wanting to do quick and easy financial education activities with students will find this resource useful.
  • No in-depth lesson plan is included; rather, the activities are self-explanatory and easy to implement.
  • The activities are purposefully designed to stimulate student thinking. Toward this end, each activity has been linked with the General capability Critical and creative thinking. An overview of these links is provided in pages 1–3 of the book.
  • Financial capability is the focus.

243 TWA 2015 ActivityBank Cover-190pxActivity Book: Financial Capability Lessons from the web

  • This book gives teachers another resource to spread students’ conversations and deepen students’ thinking in relation to financial learning.
  • The World Wide Web is used as a platform for teaching and learning within all activities. Websites from overseas are preferred — not to diminish what happens in Australia but, rather, to broaden our perspectives on what financial learning can be gained from international sources.
  • To challenge thinking, ‘out-of-the-box’ situations, scenarios and models are offered, knowing that not all activities will sit well with all students, all secondary age-groups, or even all teachers.

Newsletter-sample-190pxSchool newsletter inserts: Financial literacy is everyone’s business

  • Fifteen (15) inserts for the school newsletter
  • Inserts have a financial literacy/learning focus and are based on research (Australia, New Zealand, international)
  • These inserts support the financial literacy learning of the whole school community.
  • Sponsors may use these inserts in their own newsletters and adjust where relevant.

Ezine-Issue-1-2014-COVER-190pxArticles for parents: Financial literacy is everyone’s business

  • Articles to help parents support the financial education of their children
  • Parents/staff and senior students will access
  • Teachers may incorporate into their financial literacy teaching program.
  • Sponsor may choose to provide articles to their own clients.

enewsletter sample-190pxMonthly eNewsletter

  • Includes research, media stories, updates,
  • Parents/staff and senior students will access
  • Teachers may wish to incorporate research snippets etc into their teaching program.
  • Members of professional associations will contribute information for enewsletter
  • Sponsor may choose to link to their own website for their own clients.


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