Newsletter-sample-190pxIn most schools, a school newsletter is published every two weeks. In keeping with our philosophy that financial literacy is a school-community priority we provide financial literacy inserts to go into the school newsletter.

  • Five inserts per term are provided to the school.
  • Inserts have a financial literacy/learning focus and are based on research (Australia, New Zealand, international)
  • These inserts support the financial literacy learning of the whole school community.

Sample insert:-

Learning about money starts at home

Australia’s Financial Literacy Framework has four dimensions of consumer and financial literacy. Knowledge and understanding is one of these dimensions. Knowledge and understanding is about the nature and forms of money, how it is used and the consequences of consumer decisions. While this dimension will be taught formally in schools through the Australian Curriculum, this learning should start and be reinforced at home.

Ideally, it is at home where children first begin to develop their knowledge and understanding about money, when they see mum and dad using ‘real’ and ‘plastic’ money when shopping for groceries, paying bills etc.

Although many children see parents spend money, they often do not know the thinking, or hear the conversations, related to that spending decision. It is important for children to hear parents talk about financial decision-making — the choices, the sacrifices, the budgeting, the planning and saving. When children repeatedly hear such conversations they begin to develop and understand how and why money is being used in a certain way within the family.

Financial education is important at home, in school and in the community.

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