What is Teenfinca®?  

Teenfinca® is Australia's first teenager-oriented financial literacy ezine.

Teenfinca® is an acronym for teenage financial capability and is published by The Wealth Academy.

Teenfinca® is published for students in secondary education.

The ezine is 26+ pages of information that relates to the life of teenagers. There are two editions per year.

Teenfinca® is ONLY available to subscribed schools.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
2016 Teenfinca Cover Issue 1 Teenfinca Issue 2 2016 Cover TWA Teenfinca Issue 1 2015 Page 01 Teenfinca issue 2 2015 cover

Contents may include:

Feature article Financial literacy, learning and wealth concepts.
Investment in Self Explores topics that help personal development within financial context.
Investment in Property Introductory concepts with examples related to property investment.
Investment in Shares Introductory concepts with examples related to share investment.
In the Media Response to media articles that relate to teenage wealth.
Philosophy Explores 'thinking' in relation to financial concepts.
Teen Stories Personal stories written by teenagers relating to financial learning and projects.
Profiles Well-known Australians sharing their financial learning experiences.
Law and Order Legal concepts as they relate to financial decision-making.
Wealth Health Explores the relationship between wealth and health.
The Financial Community Explores who's who in the financial world.
Products and Services Introduction to fundamental financial products and services.
Teen Consumer A focus on a teen consumer issue.
Money and Work Considerations for teenagers when they start working.
Special Features Irregular articles focusing on financial learning in different contexts.

Parent views

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not important) how important is financial literacy education for teenagers? Why?  

  • 9-10 because a basic understanding is imperative in the use of credit cards, debit cards and future investments, be it property or share market. 
  • 8 – Being aware of terminology used in finances means our teenagers can better understand what they hear on the news and in discussions, or read in the newspapers and magazines. It sets them up to start thinking about how they will best manage their own finances when they are earning money.
  • 9, This is because it is very important to know financial literacy when you are young as when you are older it’s hard to break bad habits, and to learn the correct way.
  • Definitely a 10. Financial literacy is an incredibly important issue for everyone, especially teenagers. With these very turbulent financial times, we all need all the help we can get, and especially teenagers who are just starting to find their own ways in the world.

What do you like about the ‘Teenfinca’ publication? 

  • It has a lot of practical information. The layout is easy to follow being broken up into sections. There is a good variety of articles. It has suggestions on career pathways for tertiary education.
  • It covers many avenues, from investments (property, share market and cash) and it gives the children a break down on balance and a brief description on the difference between debit and credit cards. I think it is extremely relevant in today’s society and I would rate it 9/10 as a brochure.  
  • It contains some very interesting information that show what are the characteristics of wealth growth. It would be a good resource. Additional information about debit cards etc is very good.
  • Fabulous! What an excellent idea and would definitely subscribe!
  • This is a publication that was greatly needed for students as the tough economic times of today mean that children need to be conscious of what is to come in the future and how to deal with the crisis and to provide reassurance that there is always a solution.


Student views

What do you like about the publication ‘Teenfinca’?

  • I thought it was interesting. I am interested in the sharemarket, investing and saving money so it interested me. I didn’t mind reading the articles at all. I thought it was quite enjoyable.
  • The publication, Teenfinca, gives a range of articles discussing financial capability, which are tailored for teenagers. It gives a wide range of aspects of finance.
  • I like the fact that the publication has a vast range of articles and has something for everyone to read and enjoy.
  • I find that in school that we are taught little about financial education and what is involved in the process of making money and finding responsible ways of spending it. It was something I found useful once I had received it, but originally I knew nothing of Teenfinca. The text poses questions and answers that are relevant to our age group.
  • All the information has been written in easy words for us to read.
  • I like that Teenfinca helps us to understand financial world that we didn’t know before. Also, it helps us to make deep knowledge about financial.

What type of financial information would you like to read about? Explain briefly. 

  • The stock market, investing, budgeting, banking and the use of credit cards etc.
  • A combination so everyone can learn something.
  • I thinks it’s important to read about investing and getting loans, for example on a house. And also how to use and not misuse credit cards. These will be probably the most important financial matters we will have to deal with in the future.
  • I would like to read about young people starting their own businesses. This is what I have dreamed about and hopefully what I want to do sometime in the near future.
  • I am really so uniformed that I have ultimately no idea what would be relevant to myself. I suppose I found useful information in Teenfinca, which I wasn’t actually looking for. I was sort of resorting to Teenfinca to provide me with the financial information that I would like to read about, that is relevant to my situation.
  • Foreign currency. It’s not only relating to the financial, but also can learn about more world outlook.
  • I would like to read about understand the sharemarket because it looks interesting that how does money goes around the world.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being poor knowledge), where do you think your understanding of financial issues (such as contracts, investment, saving, interest, loans etc) is? Why?

  • Think about a 6 or 7. I have got to know a lot about the sharemarket and banking through my dad. I also studied economics and learnt about a lot of financial issues. Also I am interested in this so I don’t mind learning different things.
  • I’d probably say 5 out of 10 because I’ve never actually done anything, but I do accounting and economics.
  • Maybe a 6 or 7, because I have learnt from my parents the right way for financial matters, and are aware of all the problems that can appear.
  • To be honest, probably 2 but because this is what I what to do in life, I know that I need to read more financial articles and gain a better knowledge.
  • 6, as I have now studied finance, business and accounting for a little more than a year now. However I still have many gaps in my knowledge.
  • 7-8 I would say. I know most of the point. These are kind of common sense. But not well known in some particular ones, such as shares.
  • Maybe I guess 6 or 7 out of 10 because I am not really sure that I have very strong knowledge but I would like to study about business area such as sharemarket, accounting, financial etc.

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