There are multiple reasons why a school should register to access the School-Community Financial Life Skills Resource Library. This is NOT an extra program. Rather it is a set of resources that integrates within the existing programs offered by secondary schools.

What do school principals say?

Listen to Andrew Pierpoint, President Australian Secondary Princiapls' Association.

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This resources have been developed for the benefit of students—all students.

The resources are purposefully designed for teenagers. All teenagers will have a financial life for their whole life, yet nearly all will have no or very limited exposure to financial life skills education.

This program:

  • encourages student interaction with peers
  • helps parents/carers to support the financial education of their children
  • provides curriculum aligned resources to encourage teacher engagement
  • prompts schools to encourage the professional, qualified business community to sponsor and be local financial mentors to students.

Students in your school will benefit!

Community reasons

The program supports financial capability building across the community.

Financial issues are a significant community concern. The school, as a central community hub, can play an important role in minimising future issues.

School reasons

  • Financial literacy is relevant to students from both a curricula and general life skills perspective. The school is supporting the needs of all students.
  • The school is supporting financial literacy across the community. Financial literacy is a whole of community priority.
  • The school is prompting local business to get involved in the financial literacy priority in a localized context.
  • Resources provided to the school will encourage financial literacy education at the student and community level.
  • With a local business sponsor, there is no cost to the school. This is a self-sustaining model, non-reliant on government budget models.
  • This program is supported by:
    • teacher professional associations
    • financial service industry associations and entities

Integrates with existing school programs

The School-Community Financial Life Skills resources integrate with the existing programs offered within secondary schools. This includes:

  • Business studies
  • Economics and commerce studies
  • Accounting, Legal studies
  • Mathematics 
  • Careers programs
  • Literacy and numeracy programs
  • Vocational education
  • Pastoral care and life skill programs
  • Student leadership


  • All state and federal governments across Australia activity encourage schools to purposefully connect with the local business community to support student learning. School strategic plans usually have to describe that connection.
  • The Australian Professional Standards for Principals includes in the standard (Professional Practice 5)

“Principals… develop and maintain positive partnerships with … all those associated with the school’s broader community.    Engage… and partner, where appropriate, with community groups, agencies and individuals, businesses or other organisations to enhance and enrich the school and its value to the wider community…
Make sure learning experiences for students are linked to the wider community and invite and facilitate the community’s participation in student learning.”

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